O2 Refresh - do they still charge 1 month of airtime?

Posted 27th Oct
I just cancelled my O2 Refresh contract (for the cheap phone) and they said I'd be charged the airtime for the first month (£35). Is this normal? I thought because I cancelled within 14 days then the contract was null and void.
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They shouldn’t charge you anything except what you used. Call em back and clarify that you cancelled within the 14 day cooling off period
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I cancelled mine last month. I asked them to transfer the monthly number after over to pay as you go. So I would only be charged one week max. But in the end I wasnt charged anything.
Many people have this issue and its because your not saying the right thing, they tried it with me.
I just said its a refresh contract and ive paid it off in full so its a one day cancellation not 30 day and they cancelled it the next day
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