O2 Refresh- immediate cancellation, keep the phone?

Posted 27th Dec 2016
O2 Refresh allows you to buy a new phone 'like new' which, for a pauper like me, is perfect. Only thing is, I don't want to be locked into a crappy contract for 2 years.

Having looked through the ts&cs, I've formulated a plan but need some assistance:

a) O2 Refresh treats the phone plan as separate to the services plan (this is clearly hogwash, but whatever) but gives the opportunity to pay off the phone upfront in exchange for a cheaper monthly bill.

b) Apparently, you can cancel your contract within 30 days, only paying off the services that you've used so far.

x) So, if I buy a phone for less eg Galaxy S7 £360 + £14 cheapest monthly plan, can I cancel within the month, pay off my first bill, but keep the phone for a fraction of its price (then unlock it myself?)

Anyone tried this?

Got scammed just before Christmas so money is tight but current 3-year old phone is currently dead. Fanx!
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