o2 refurbished handsets..

    Hey guys,

    Dunno if any of you will remember.. but a while back there was a number to phone to get refurbished handsets for 70quid from o2. Are they still doing them and what number was it? Did anyone get one? If so ..what kinda condition was it in?? Was just thinkin of buying the tocco from orange for £160 when i remembered that deal!!

    Cheeers for any help

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    i think the o2 have stopped doing them as i rang them yesterday but will give me a refurb phone on contract

    i just managed to be lucky to get a n95 8gb for £50 and this was just thephone no charger,box and accesories.

    i beleive the phone has got a fault as the light keeps comming on every few minutes.

    well am selling the phone so am not fussed

    if your deciding to buy refurb just make sure your covered atleast 1 year otherwise its not worth it
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