O2 retention advice, after an HD2

    Hi Folks,

    I'm due for my upgrade in a couple of days time.

    Anybody got any pointers for O2 retentions?

    I really want an HD2 but would prefer as short a contract as possible.

    Seeing the deals for vodafone for their 12 month deal, and also virgin 18 month, am I simply better off ending my O2 contract and going elsewhere?




    i like o2, but its choicie. but like you've said u want a short contract, o2 dont do a 12 month anymore.

    :thumbsup:I gotta HD2 off retentions I asked for a 24month, but they said it was coming up at £100 for the phone, but ended up gettin it on an 18 month for nothing. Find the best deal on the net then ring em and they should match it. If upgrades say no tell em you're handing in you're notice and then they'll put u thru to retentions.. Thats how it worked 4 me.. hope this helps
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