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    Hi guys, my 12 month o2 contract is about to come to an end. I was on £35pm for 400mins and 500texts and got £290 auto cash back or something like that from e2save. making it around £8 a month.

    just rang o2 to terminate and they offered:

    200min + 400txts for £9pm for 18months, getting 10mnt free, effectivly £90 credit. making it £72 for 18months/ 4 per month.

    I dont want to pay more than £10 ish pounds per month but are their any better offers available?

    Their the one on HUKD which is £11.66 per month with 600mins + 1600 texts + free bolt on and may free BB on a 18 month contract which seems really good.

    but I only use around 200 mins and 300 text so the first one looks good but I want the web bolt-on.

    your help would be much appreciated.



    Hi,i went thro' retention last week and got a cracking deal!!
    £35 per month 600mins 1000text and unlimited data online contract.
    sony ericsson C905 handset with 8gb card
    18month contract
    As i had been with them for at least 8yrs and had a monthly contract with them paying £25p/m.
    I got the above for £20 p/m 18month contract and the phone was free.
    What i did before i phoned up was checked out what others were offering eg vodaphone etc.
    Firstly i went thro' o2 upgrades and they put me thro to retentions and told them i was getting a gd deal with t mobile as they were doing the phone for free.the girl at retentions checked my account them offered me the above deal .i couldn't beleive how easy it was .i didn't have to haggle she offered me the deal as she wanted me to stay with o2.and the phone was delivered next its cracking phone.
    Good luck
    forgot to say i think they only do 18 or 24 month contract now,unless u go for sim only

    Original Poster

    I plan to go for the sim as i have the 5800

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    OK, just got off the phone and got:

    200mins + 400 texts on a 18 month contract at 9.50ish per month inc Vat.

    £150 credit, making it £1.20ish per month. I am happy.

    i've just posted a new thread.

    my current monthly plan ran out in feb, so am just on sim on deal for now, but looking (and due) an upgrade - possibly to blackberry and wondered if any better deals than;

    600mins, 500texts free unltd browsing /emails for £35 a month. Wouldn't mind a Wii for the family, or an Ipod etc for myself - 18m/c
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