o2 retentions - Useless!

    My girlfriend has been with o2 for 6 years and wanted to upgrade her phone from a blackberry curve to a blackberry torch and saw vodafones deal on the business side of it for £25 a month with the phone for free.....phoned o2 to ask and they said they dont match at all and will not do it!

    I thought they always tried to keep customers as best as they can!!

    and does anybody know what the difference between the personal and business stuff is on vodafone at all? just because on the blackberry torch on 24 months on personal is £399 for the phone at £25 or £30 a month but on business its free as an offer? any clear answers would be appreciated!



    voda were the same .. not really helpful I know but I decided to buy the phone sim free and am on a 30 day sim only contract with voda saved me a packet and not stitched into a 24month contract

    only issue is in my opinion o2 have so much better signal than vodaphone. in stoke and manchester

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    what if a seperate phone retailer online is offering an o2 contract with the phone for free which is exactly what my gf wanted on her o2 contract? do you reckon they can match that seeing as its their own network offer
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