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    Hi all,

    First post for me, alot of great deals here!! I just wanted to get some info from anyone in the know.

    I've got an o2 sim that has a number like: 07999 *** 999, I was wondering is this kind of number of any value at all? I heard of things like golden mobile phone numbers, but is this number worth anything?




    Welcome to HUKD

    This may give you a bit of an idea:-

    Or have a look on ebay and see how much Gold, Diamond, silver and Bronze numbers are going for.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply dino, I was checking the ebay before, but I wasn't really sure whether the number I had was gold, bronze etc...

    The website you gave has given me an idea of prices, has anyone sold a number like this before?


    That is absoloute madness!


    That is absoloute madness!

    What is?


    The prices of them, sorry just my opinion but this is worse than personalised number plates!

    But each to their own!

    £ 2400 for a phone number?!?!

    I managed to get one of these for £10 from Orange, reckon it is better than any of those listed on the link above.

    If anyone wants it for £3K, they can have it lol
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