O2 Simplicity 20 with Vodafone 3G Access????

    Hi All,

    I called O2 today for my PAC Code and they asked me why I was leaving and I advised that the 3G signal at my office was non-existance. I advised that Vodafone has a mast onsite and I was switching to them, at which point I was told by the adviser that I could switch to simplicity and recieve a new SIM that would also work with VODAFONE.

    I agreed and decided to go with the new sim on a 30 day contract and I can not see this deal anywhere else on the internet.

    Has anyone else heard about this deal or was I sold a pack of lies.


    Well they did agree a networking sharing agreement for masts.…997

    Whether its going ahead is a different question.

    o2 is the only company wat dnt share there masts wiv another network, the sales assistant got u to stay as a customer, call tomoz n say ur going t-mobile bet they say the same lol

    The o2 simplicity sim has been on the go for long enough…ity
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