O2 Simplicity sim in an iPhone?

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Found 24th Nov 2008
I am currently on O2 simplicity with the unlimited texts bolt on. Now what I would like to know is some advice for when i get an iphone in regards to prices and what i should do about the wifi and internet.

I heard something about the 12 months free net and wifi sim card or something?

Any help is much appreciated.


Isn't the wifi bit about using the cloud hotspots for free.

Is there no way you could transfer your old plan over to the new sim alongside the number?

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First i've heard about cloud hotspots, and not too sure i could transfer the plan.

Was hoping to find someone who has done something similar?

I've bought an Iphone for my brother as a christmas gift and i'm pretty sure that the 'free wifi' part is talking about using the hotspots belonging to O2 as they can't charge you for using your own wifi connection.

I bought a PAYG iphone as a gift for my brother and it says he gets the 12 months free with the included sim then has to pay £10 a month after to continue. If you look on the carphone warehouse website they list the different tariffs, i got the £10 for 500 free minutes a month.

iv got a iphone 3G, got this from my bro who got it free as an upgrade... i use this with my simplicity sim (£20pm), which is 500mins and 1000texts, and free bolt on which is unlimit web browsing, and its been working fine, the 3G allows to use the net at good speeds and uploads Youtube vids quickly, and when am around wifi it picks it up and if not locked can use which boosts it further!!
i had a concern that the simplicity sim would not work with the Iphone as the 02 rep said i had to choose the iphone tarriff, thats bull, and my combination is working fine!!

From the 02 website:


iPhone for Pay & Go is now available

Pay & Go customers can now enjoy the iPhone 3G without a monthly contract. The new iPhone 3G 8GB for Pay & Go will be available for £349.99 and the 16GB version for £399.99. It's available to buy in O2 stores and The Carphone Warehouse from 16th September.

This also includes unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi for the first 12 months after you activate your iPhone 3G*. At the end of the 12 months you can continue to receive unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi for just £10 per month. We'll notify you before the end of the 12 month period by text and you can easily unsubscribe if you choose to do so.

You'll need to use the new SIM card that comes with the iPhone 3G to get your 12 months of unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi access. If you're already with O2 Pay & Go, you can easily transfer your existing number and balance to your new iPhone SIM by completing this form. Please note visual voicemail and call merging are not available with Pay & Go. You'll also need to change your data settings to use services such as Mobile Internet. Find out how to change your data settings.

*Unlimited data and Wi-Fi applies to use in the UK only, subject to excessive usage policy. Unlimited Wi-Fi is available at any of the Wi-Fi hotspots from our partners The Cloud or BT Openzone. Terms apply.



Im sure that answers all your Q's? :thumbsup:
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