o2 Simplicity SIM-Only 30day... changed?

    Was looking at their website yesterday at the SIM-ONLY Simplicity deals, specifically the £25/month plan. If anyone else here is on the £25/month (or higher) plan, did you get the option of:

    Unlimited FREE Calls to Any Network Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Long Weeeknds)


    Unlimited FREE Texts to Any Network Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Long Weeeknds)?

    I'm positive I saw this on their website, now its changed to;

    Unlimited texts
    Unlimited O2 calls As you can see:

    Plus choose unlimited texts to any UK network or calls to O2 numbers

    This seems like a better deal if you're more of a texter or your most called are on o2. Could somebody just confirm that (i'm not going crazy) and that it was Long Weekends yesterday and its changed today?

    Also, what happens when you send a picture message? Do they take away 4 of your texts from your plan (o2 states 1 picture message is equivalent to 4 texts).

    Also, now that its 'unlimited texts' or 'calls to o2', if you chose the text option, surely the 600 texts in your plan is useless, as you're getting unlimited texts 24/7 (it dosn't say evenings/weekends/long weekends).

    Sorry for the long post, just wanna get this cleared up hehe!:giggle:


    Yes offer has changed, Long Weekends is no longer, unless you currently have. There is a fair usage on the texts and calls as per any offer, think about 2000 a month or something. Just doulbe check the T&C's though.

    Yes 1 mms equals 4 texts from your allocation.

    Original Poster

    Ah that's pretty good then if you're a texter!

    As it says 'unlimited texts' - I'm assuming this means anytime and the 600 texts will be used for picture messages (minus 4 each time), or would they be classed as the 'unlimited'?

    edit: Yes the 'unlimited texts' and 'o2 calls' IS 2000 minutes - so you on the 25/month plan you 2600 texts and 600 minutes!

    Promotional allowances will be decremented before standard Pay Monthly tariff inclusive minutes and messages.

    And yeah, it seems picture msgs will be taken as 4 txts and not added to your bill (30p each or something like that)!

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