O2 Simplicity - upgrade?

    I've been on O2 Simplicity for a couple of months now but I really need a new phone as I've got a cheap Nokia at the moment.

    I was just wondering if anyone who's been on Simplicity has managed to get a good deal on a contract with O2 with a new phone? I'm gettin 800 mins (using 200min free bolt on) and unlimited texts (they forgot to change this to 1000 texts when they changed my bolt on), all for £20 a month. I don't mind losing some minutes but don't really want to pay any more than £20 a month.

    Any advice/tips would be great, thank you!


    you could ring and see what fones they have for sale they were doing refurbed N95 for £99


    You're not going to be offered a new contract with what you have and a free decent phone for the same price. Maybe you could wangle a refurb at a decent price? You'd need to call them.

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    Yeah I wasn't really expecting them to say ok have this tariff and a shiny new phone, but thought they may be able to offer something - yeah I'll phone them now, thanks.

    Edit: Just phoned them, unfortunately they haven't got any refurbs/open box phones at the moment and said if I wanted a phone on same contract I'd have to pay normal price of £35 a month. Ah well, maybe I'll just ask for a phone for Christmas!
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