o2 store, buying iphone

    following on from the huge feature on buying iphones from the carphone warehouse, what limits is there to walking into an o2 store and buying one,, to take home and not sign up to the contract. can i just walk in and buy one? how illegal is the whole process of not signing up for the contract, thanks jamie


    yes u can go in and just buy 1 and not take out a contract

    i know apple sell them but u dont sign up in the shop they say take it home and sign up online im confused bout this aswell


    yes you sign up at home on itunes and when you get one you dont have to do this you can unlock it etc and use it as a PAYG or put your existing contract sim in

    you can buy it from either carphone warehouse, o2 stores or apple stores.
    all of them require you to purchase the phone from them (obviously) then activate and sign up at home via itunes

    the good thing about o2 stores is that they dont make you sign anything and dont give you loads of papers

    just go in, pay for the iphone and walk out


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