O2 switching off something in May 2006!?!?

    Yesterday, when I topped up my PAYG mobile phone, I got a recorded message that said O2 would be switching off the technology that supports my handset and sim card at the end of May 2006. Has anyone heard about this? Is it a marketing thing to sell me another mobile phone? :x


    What kind of SIM do you have? How long have you had it? And what phone? Did the SIM come with it? If not, how long have you had the phone?

    Just a few question to help me research this.

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    It is a BT Cellnet phone on the U tarriff. It is brilliant as it costs 5p / minute to call other U phones. Hence, my husband, son, mother and friends have them too. It is also 5p / text to any number (including the ones that are normally 50p or £1). It is a Phillips C12 handset.
    Please, don't feel sorry for me having such a relic.My son & I bought modern camera phones last year, but we continue to use the old ones because we prefer the tarriff.

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    Sorry Ducky, I didn't read the question properly...
    It is about 8 years old and the sim card came with the phone.

    It's quite difficult to search for it.

    It does seem that they are turning off BT Cellnet masts I think. :? You might need to get in touch with o2 about that one I'm afraid.

    They charge expensive call rates to get in touch.

    0800 005005 - Customer Care

    0800 0321402 - Ignore requests for input, hold & be passed to customer advisor; Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm, Sat/Sun, 9am-6pm

    0800 9777702 - Automated Customer Services as well as Member Services

    Try those before you ring any 0845/0870 - the one's I've given are freephone!!

    Switching off any remaining Analogue masts maybe (I thought they were all off)

    Switching off 2G, not going to happen this decade as it would be suicidal to their mobile market.

    :lol: They AREN'T turning off 2G. It is likely to be something to do with the BT Cellnet masts I think.

    Yeah, I'd rather be without mobile phone at all than switch to 3G. Been there, done that - will never do it again. Even if I am using 3G as 'mobile broadband' with my laptop, I am not convinced that QoS has reached satisfactory point.

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    My phone has roaming something or other. When I take it abroad it just finds another network. So if BT switch off their masts, won't it just find another one? Or is it not as simple as that?

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    The more I look into this, the more cynical I get. I phoned the number on the recorded message. After listening to soothing music and messages telling me how important my call was, I eventually got through to a human. She tried, in vain, to pump me for personal information. Then said it was the technology that made my handset work which would be switched off AFTER 31st May 2006. She didn't know how soon after. She tried to sell me another handset and I told her I didn't want one. Then she said I would have to ring an 0870 number if I want more information. I have checked it on saynoto0870 and there is an eqivilent 0800 number.
    Could this be a ploy to get me to buy a new handset on a dearer tarriff? Or is something really being turned off? And if it is, how soon after 31st May? :shock:

    My nan had a Philips C12. One day it just came up with the message 'contact dealer' and wouldn't work.

    Contacted O2 and they basically said that these phones have a set 'shelf-life' after which time they will not work anymore.

    Looks like you'll have to upgrade the handset, they might be able to provide you with the same tariff on a new sim card (though i probably doubt it!)

    Christmasshopper, your Philips C12 is most certainly going to be 'switched off'...

    The following message has been posted on MSE:


    If you have any of the following still in use - Philips C12 Philips C13 … If you have any of the following still in use - Philips C12 Philips C13 Philips Diga Motorola M3588 from the 30th June 2006 they will no longer work. o2 say if you ring 0800 089 4402, their staff will be happy to take you through any upgrade to which you may be entitled. I still have one of these phones in use, as does an elderly relative of mine so I rang o2 who stated the technology or these phones was being switched off and people with them would have to PURCHASE new phones. There appears to be no free upgrade or anything to compensate losing the use of what has already been bought. They also told me that anyone with unused credit could have it transferred to another o2 account - but if you did not have another o2 account you would lose it.

    I might have this wrong, but i'm sure i read somewhere lately that they are switching off the obsolete/redundant sim cards and phones, I took this as meaning anyone with a mobile sitting in a drawer not being used for years would be cancelled, howerver I did only glance at the info and your info is reserched. I think they need to go public with this one as there are so many different stories floating about. Their name is going to be more tarnished with the way they have failed to give clear info as opposed to the bad press they would have got for switching things off,
    this probs doesn't help. just hacked off at O2's handling of the situation. :x

    These phones are very old though... most of the time they will still work with another SIM for another network if they're unlocked, or an o2 genie SIM if you have one.

    On the other hand, mobiles can be picked up quite cheaply if you need one, and if you offset any included credit against the actual cost some PAY-G mobiles work out as free.

    See my list if you haven't already...…tml

    To get a bit of money back on your old phone try Tesco, who will give you £3 in poijts for it I think. Alternatively you could get £10 or more trad-in for a phone by purchasing a phone from

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