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    is their a tariff that will give me free internet or unlimeted internet when i topup and also texts ?


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    iphone is only locked to o2 atm mate

    giff gaff is from o2 but not sure if it works in o2 phones

    Gifgaff sims work in o2 phones iirc. I'd cut one up and try it but I saw the thread that confirmed your avvy wasn't you

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    Text TEXTANDWEB to 21300

    Top-up £10 - £14
    Get 300 UK texts and 500MB UK data
    Top-up £15 - £29
    Get 500 UK texts and 500MB UK data
    Top-up £30 or more
    Unlimited UK texts & 500MB UK data

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    Text TEXTANDWEB to 21300Top-up £10 - £14Get 300 UK texts and 500MB UK d … Text TEXTANDWEB to 21300Top-up £10 - £14Get 300 UK texts and 500MB UK dataTop-up £15 - £29Get 500 UK texts and 500MB UK dataTop-up £30 or moreUnlimited UK texts & 500MB UK data

    is the 300 texts to o2 only?? and will the 500mb work in 3g iphone

    Why not jailbreak/unlock the phone and be free to use any network?


    on o2 simplicity for £5 a month you get unlimited texts but it takes it off your credit so if you topped up £10 and choose the £10 deal if takes £10 off your credit so you have £0 left and you get whats in your deal. for £10 you get internet/unltd. texts or 100 mins/unltd. texts or for £15 unltd texts/100 mins/internet

    Im on the BONUS25 contract with o2 - got a free BB Pearl 3G and I get 500 mins, unlimited text, 500mb browsing free bb mail service etc and unlimited o2/o2 calls as a free bolt on for ordering online. Only downside is that it's 24month contract but i'll just update my phone after 12/18 months. (Y)

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    so if i change it to

    Top-up £10 - £14
    Get 300 UK texts and 500MB UK data

    ill get 300 texts to any net?
    and 500mb internet? will it work on iphone

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    changed my tarrif to this

    Top-up £10 - £14
    Get 300 UK texts and 500MB UK data

    so hope the 500mb works on iphone

    ive just changed to giffgaff from o2s text and web found the mobile web far too slow trying giffgaff for a bit then going to try 3 , found giffgaff to be a lot faster than o2 already, i know its the same network but as o2 is oversubscribed in some areas it leads to meltdown on the network constant dropped calls and slow web + having cross network minutes and texts is a bonus

    Text and web is 300 X texts and unlimited internet every month.

    I did textandweb ages ago when it was topup £15 and get unlimited texts and unlimited web. I also pay for the O2 family bolt on as the main numbers I call are also on o2, so if I put them on the list and get unlimited calls between them for money deducted from my balance.
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