O2 to launch new laptop deals wef 27/2/08 samsung NC10 or R510

    anyone considering a samsung laptop /netbook might want to wait a few weeks…als

    Friday 30 January 2009
    O2, one of three mobile broadband providers not currently offering a subsidised laptop deal, looks set to launch some laptop bundles in the near future, according to Mobile Today.

    These deals proved hugely popular in 2008 and look set to continue strongly in 2009, with customers jumping at the opportunity to grab a laptop or highly portable netbook with their mobile broadband contracts, so spreading the cost of the purchase.

    These deals, which will be part of O2's 'Connected World' marketing campaign, are reported to launch next month. The deals will feature three Samsung branded laptops, with a low-end, middling and top notch machine creating a three-tiered offering.

    O2 had no comment for Mobile Today, but more details should be available in the coming weeks..


    Cheers - I'm on the cusp of buying a new laptop. I've checked o2 several times in recent weeks to see if they'd added any laptop deals to they're (overpriced) mobile broadband options.

    Hope they go for the Samsung nc10 as one of them - will be worth considering maybe.

    Original Poster

    me too

    I'll probably buy a mid-level laptop(Dell inspiron maybe) for main home use as there's certain things the nc10 can't do - also has a rather small screen for constant use.

    Be great when I'm out the house especially - nc10 can be carried inside a small satchel or bag I guess.

    i just bought a samsung nc10 and today got o2 broadband!
    oh well, still a great deal!

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    i asked in store today - the new mobile broadband deals do not start until march
    i can wait

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    There are two separate packages on offer – here’s what customers can get from Friday 27 February.
    And here are the laptops – the Samsung NC10 and the Samsung R510.

    full details here…tml
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