O2 Tracked on Quidco 7 weeks after purchase

    I just checked on Quidco and was pleasantly suprised to see that O2 has tracked for £100, which must have been for the iphone I purchased 7 weeks ago.
    It says payment due June, but as I have not registered it I don't know whether I'll get the cashback.

    I just wondered if this kind of delayed tracking has occured to anyone else?


    yhyh, my PS3 from HmV took over 4 months lmao! also, you wouldn't want to sell that iphone would you lol

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    You should see my other thread

    The iPhone is Faulty and I don't think I've got warranty so I'm scr*wed

    yeah happend to me aswell the £100 just turned up today, will i get this, i havent got a contract with o2??

    I got £60 from Carphone Warehouse for my iPhone validated a couple of weeks back. Nothing from the o2 one though!
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