Posted 14 January 2023

O2 trade-in extra £150


I'm trying to trade-in my phone with extra £150, as mentioned on the website that to avail £150 we need to put order no as a promo code.

Can anyone please confirm if we get any confirmation on the page that confirms promo code has been applied, currently when I'm clicking on Apply button I can't seem to see any confirmation.

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    I'm assuming that you are using the O2 recycle website.

    If you look back to a recent Google Pixel deal on HUKD that had a £50 extra trade in, load of folk, me included, had issues adding the order number to generate the promotion discount.

    Assuming that you have gone through the phone acceptance procedure and O2 recycle will accept the phone, the way to progress is to phone them, tell them the deal you are signed up for. They will likely tell you to complete the deal online, then phone them again when you have a recycle transaction number and they will manually add the bonus, when you get notification that the phone has arrived, been inspected and accepted, phone them again and they will release the money. Expect the trade in value and the bonus to arrive in your bank account in two different transactions.

    Took me 6 weeks to finalise this, but I did get the cash in the end.
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    Hey, thanks for your reply. I went to O2 store and as usual they had no idea about this trade-in deal.

    I've got the solution actually, you have to put new SIM and use O2 4g/5g on new phone and then try to apply the order number as promo code.