O2 Upgrade

My friend
Shes awesome but wouldnt have a clue where to start!
Im on orange so neither do i
How would she go bout ringing o2 up and then upgradfing and hopefully getting ulimited texts more minutres than shes got and a nrew phone?
What number should she ring?


Just call them on O2's customer service and ask them to send you a PAC code. They'll pass you to retentions and you bargain with them. Just search a few different deals out in the market now and then use them as your bargaining chip.

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Shes really not very good at bargaining though lol!
So would it be possible for her just to ring upgrade and see what they offer?T
Whats the number

A part of bargaining process is of course not to accept the 1st thing they offer you. You just say you have to think about it if you think they can give a better deal (hence I said do a bit research before phoning) and either phone again a few hours later or just request the PAC code. Usually, requesting PAC code will get people the best deal when retentions phone you back and try to get you to stay with them.

The number is the O2 CS number. 100 or 202? I don't remember exactly but its either one of them.

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I got offered £20 a month on orange for 600min and unlimited texts and a new phone for free? Thats good right?

You talking about the HTC diamond? I actually replied to your post last night. Its a ok deal. You could probably try to get them down to £17.50 at least.

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Sorry lol yeah didnt realise!
Ok i might be cheeky and try that !
Thanks for your help

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