o2 upgrade??

    Hi all,

    I'm due an upgrade soon, does anyone know if they do any offers on 3GS for upgrades??

    or any other decent phones for that matter....

    and yes, I know the 4th gen is out soon, unsure whether to hold on for it!



    ive got an upgrade on o2 soon, im thinking should I wait for the next iphone or just go with the 3gs still don't know

    its unlikely they will do anything on the iphone but they will on any other handset.

    I've got the past 3 iphone generations on release day & if I was you I'd definitely give it a few weeks until after Apple's annual five day World Wide developers conference (WWDC), this is where the new iPhone is widely rumoured to be announced, & with Apple, release is normally only weeks after announcement!

    Original Poster

    thanks all, I will use my bartering skills on the phone then, I'll try and blag a cheaper sim only deal for now, then see how the new iphone looks, I'm still not convinced I want one, they seem a very tied down device.

    o2 don't generally do decent upgrade deals on the iphone. You may get a slightly cheaper deal on a customer returned iphone if you ask.

    You're right, in that it is a tied down devise, but it's easily the best phone I've owned to date.

    There may be some good deals on the 3GS after Apple present the new one, and it doesn't seem like there will be much difference between them. There wasn't much difference between the the 3G and 3GS.
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