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Found 22nd May 2007

My other half and I are due for an upgrade with O2, does anyone have any experience dealing with them and getting a good deal?


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My other half and I are due for an upgrade with O2, does anyone have any … My other half and I are due for an upgrade with O2, does anyone have any experience dealing with them and getting a good deal?

Best advice is to act fairly tough with the upgrades person. If you don't get a deal you want ask for your PAC number and they'll transfer you to retentions dept who can offer better deals
the best thing to do is ask for your PAC code, and tell them you where not happy with their service. They will give you great offers.

Just a quick question, where did you initially purchase your o2 phone from, as in which retailer? carphone warehouse, fones4u, o2 directly.
Thanks folks, I got mine direct from O2, with a free dvd recorder and low line rental, looking for something similar again as opposed to cashback which i'm a bit sceptical about.

The £15 for life deal with 3 looks quite appealing but i'm really after a nokia E65, which is not on the list - anybody else got any tips???
hope you have better luck than a few others and myself, seemed like 02 was trying to get rid of the old cheap tarifs as the offers was rubish they have ben ofering lately. i was with them 4/5 years but didnt count for anything. ive gone to the 3 £15 for life also as im a low user and so thats perfect for me. (dont forget quidco, oh and if you go to 3 use a friends number as a recomendation as you both wil get £30 of credit also)
Ive found O2's customer service excellent! When renewing my contract last November they did the following great things;

[*]Replaced my existing W800i from the old contract with a reconditioned one as the camera on mine went funny. Then the MP3 function on the reconditioned one didnt work so they sent me out a brand new W800i
[*]Gave me a brand new K800i for the new contract
[*]Gave me an excellent deal on the new contract = 500txts, 200mins - £14.99-a-month (£19.99 inc. insurance)
[*]Credited my account with about £153 (which was great as it payed for the £80 charge for the new phone and left me with £73)
[*]Refunded me for the cost of P&P when i sent the two W800i's back
[*]Credited my account with even more money when i question an error on their behalf - they had been taking £40-a-month instead of £20

The trick is to quote an incredible deal elsewhere (you can even play fast-and-loose with the exact info), then just stick to your guns and push them to their limit
I left O2 after they refused to continue the same discount that I had the previous year or even match their online tariffs! If you go over your minutes every month then they are happy to give you a good deal - if not they don't even bother trying to keep you.
whoever you spoke to is talking rubbish, people can move to and from retail to online tariffs.

I would retentions the 3 offer for £15 p/m but good luck getting an E65 for free!!
you also stand a better chance of getting a good deal as you have two handsets with them
Also mention about a 20% discount for staying with them! :thumbsup: Thats what I got with my Noka N96. Tariff is Online40 for just over £30 a month :thumbsup:
its my dads first year with them and he spends a lot of money with them one month alone £200. so i hope they give a good deal when he gets his renewed
if he is spending over £200 a month then hes on the wrong tariff to start, second he will be regarded as a "select customer" because of his high spend and will be able to upgrade 3 months early, then be able to barter to save some ££
O2 upgrade deals this year are rubbish. I've now been with them for 4/5 years and have had reasonably good deals each year for upgrade (last year it was 250 xnet anytime mins + 500 txt for £15/month PLUS free phone upgrade or £100 cashback as a credit against line rental). This year, I phoned for a good deal if I renew for the next 12 months and they couldn't offer anything at all. Just the standard tarriffs that are available to new customers too. I phoned 3 different times and spoke to the retentions department. I asked for my PAC code and there was no effort to keep me at all. My PAC runs out in 4 days so I'm desperately seeking a new deal!
I don't use my phone all that often so feel that they're pushing the higher tarriffs more. Anyway, I'm off elsewhere now. There is no way I'm paying twice as much as I've done over the last year for exactly the same package. Some reward for staying with them! It's a shame as I like o2.

O2 upgrade deals this year are rubbish. It's a shame as I like o2.

Tried CarPhoneWarehouse as they do O2? I was with them for a year with what was then the newly released Nokia N80, £35 a month. Upgraded early very recently to the newly released N95 and the contract (as far as I'm concerned) is great. Had to get heavy and got upgrades to put me through to retentions but ended up with free phone on 18 month contract, 800 anytime anynetwork minutes, 1000 anytime anynetwork texts with an additional 500 texts a month for loyalty all for £40 a month
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