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    I'm due to upgrade 2 phones in a couple of weeks and am looking about at what is currently on offer.

    Use an Orbit at the moment and want something with similar functionality - Wifi a must and use it for Sat Nav so GPS also required. Not as critical for second phone but after the best all round deal I can get. A better camera would be a bonus too.

    Looking at the Samsung i900 Omnia or i8510 and wondered if anyone has been offered these phones and on what deals? - Anyone haggled and what have you improved on?

    Only want a 12 month contract and not interested in anything on 18 months... so iPhone is out.

    Only need about 200 mins / texts as reception not strong enough to use more!

    Happy to stay on O2 or move to Vodaphone as they are the two networks with the best reception where I am.

    Could get the i900 on Vodaphone for £27.50 month (after Quidco) inc phone so anything better would be good.

    Would consider other phones - HTC Diamond is possible but would prefer above.

    Anyone got any better deals for upgrades?



    You are like me in the only 2 operators I'd use for signal issues!

    I'm on O2. The Omnia isnt available on O2 ATM (though Im told they will be getting it.)

    I'd made my mind up a while back on buying the Diamond and waited patiently for it. In the end I gave up and bought a 3G iPhone. That got sent back. 3G was awful on it and apart from looking pretty, it just didnt cut the mustard in terms of the funtionality I'm used to. (Current phone is a HTC Kaiser, previous an HTC Hermes)

    However, the Diamond is now out. It does look nice, but there are things I dont like about it. Its nice that its so small, but the screen is far smaller to be useful and is smaller than even basic models IMHO. Battery life isn't too hot, but the fact it doesn't have a micro SD slot killed it for me in the end.

    Ho hum! Thats not made your choice any easier (by virtue of zero recommendations!) Thought the keyboard Diamond Version should be out in a couple of weeks (which does have a larger screen and also a memory slot.) Other than that, the Sony Ericsson Expedia looks interesting (albeit still no sign of a release date.)

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    Thanks Guv.

    Had heard about both the ones you mention and will look out for them - Might just pay for another month as worth getting something that is worthwhile..... although then there will be something else of course.

    Just useful to know what is being pushed by the upgrade teams and what they are prepared to let go - It might be useful to have Upgrade threads so people can post what they get on the various networks - Couldn't find anything when I looked.

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    New HTC looks available now ]Here- Not widely available yet though - Pic below



    New HTC looks available now ]Here- Not widely available yet though -

    Looks nice - but still suffers with a relatively small screen! You'd have thought they would have learnt that a touch phone needs a big screen not big buttons!

    i've just got an ignito from o2

    i like it a lot................

    they wouldn't entertain a 12mth contract though, even though every contract i've ever had has been a 12 - so i went for an 18 - they knocked £5 off per month - so down to £30 a month with 600m, 1000txtx and unlimited browsing - i'm happy enough with that

    £30 18months O2 upgrade and free HTC Diamond on that plan is £10 more expensive than what you could get if you spend more time haggling. I have seen others get that plan and free diamond for £20.

    I have a Kaiser and now a Diamond. I love how the Diamond is so much more compact than the Kaiser (I don't really use the keyboard so I'd rather have something smaller) but don't like how the screen is still so small and battery gets hot. I've changed a few ROMs on the diamond and unfortunately, they are still slow and unstable compared to Kaiser. But surely, developers will sort it out soon. Also, the reception on the Diamond is not as good when I put the same SIM card in the Kaiser but its not a big issue if you already live in a strong reception area.

    Last I checked, Omnia is not available on O2 yet. So you are stuck with getting it from Vodafone for £27.50 12 months which is one of the best deals out there assuming you get the cashback.
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