Found 14th Sep 2009
Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything but I am new to this!

I have had a contract with 02 for 7 years and am overdue my upgrade. I have been putting it off as o2 seem to have reduced the amount of handsets on their site and I couldn't decide which one I wanted! I decided on the Sony Ericsson W995 but it is still almost £100 on the tariff I want (24 months, 600 mins, 1000 texts, unlimited wi-fi £29.38). I have checked other sites and everyone else is offering the same phone free!
What is the best way to go about getting them to let me have it free?? Whenever I have tried before they have come out with some rubbish about not being able to!
I am not sure I would get credit with any other companies so don't really want to cancel my contract!!

Thanks so much for reading and fingers crossed someone can help!!

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have u tried going into an 02 shop and seeing what they can offer u as its usually easier talking to someone in person than on phone

I got the nokia 5800 no long ago free but on the phone they wanted to charge me

frm carphonewarehouse this phone is free on [email protected]£30 p/m
700 minutes Anytime Any network
Unlimited texts Anytime Any network
18 month contract,…ONS

you should call o2 and say abt this deal n see wht thy say,thy should give u free on the contract u mentioned,
just say u would leave thm if u dont get this deal,

Best method is to simply call and tell them you want to cancel, when they ask why, say you're getting a much better deal on the phone elsewhere.

speak to the disconnections dept as there will offer you a lot more for 30 pounds

you should be able to get the deal you want for £20-25 a month by getting put through to the retentions department and telling them you want to leave. If they dont give you a good deal the first time, keep ringing back until you do!
I got a tocco ultra, 600 mins 1000texts and unlimited internet on an 18month contract for £20 a month back in april.

just ask to speak to someone in rentions, if they ask why say they left a message on my phone to call them, they will give you the best deal possible for your account.
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