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Found 4th Jun 2008
I am now at that point in my contract with O2 where I am eligable to an upgrade.

I know that it is possible to get all sort of different things out of them e.g better phone, more minutes or free accessories.

What have people on here been able to get so I can bombard them with requests to try and get the best deal!
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I got 12 months free, no phone but I was happy with another 12 months free. They might not though as this year they said no so I said give me my pac!
I got 1000 off peak mins and 400 texts for a discounted price of £10 a month instead of £25 and £100 cashback for keeping my phone so i only pay £20 for the whole year
O2 on CPW gave me 600 xnet and 500 text for £40pm all returned by three cash back claims for staying on a futher year but no new phone.
I got free 8gb memory card thrown in with mine too.

When they offer you a deal, just ask them for it cheaper. I did mine last night got, 600 minutes, 100 texts, new phone, unlimited o2 to o2 calls, and an 8gb memory card for £20 a month! Result!
By the way, they will offer you £100 to keep your handset - refuse this.

Even if you want to keep your handset, get a new one, flog it, and you'll always get a LOT more than £100 for a new, unused, handset.
free XDA Stellar (Kaiser) 1000 Xnet minutes 600 txts, calls to other o2 mobiles at any time of day are free for £20! (was told it should be 35 and they are discounting me the 15 per month, though my bill doesnt say that, it only says total of 20.
o2 gave me online 30 for £15 per month and gave me £175 credit towards my bill.
this doubled my old call allowance to 400 anytime minutes plus 400 texts. On top of this is unlimited calls to other o 2 users.
I did not want a new phone.
the average cost over the 18 months is £6.50p approx.
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