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Found 23rd Jun 2009
My o2 contract ends next month and I've just been looking online on the o2 website and where u can upgrade online I am only getting offered exactly what a new customer can have, Whats the best way to get a really good deal out of them? Whats your past experiences? Whats the best deal you have got out of them? Any advice would be great, Thanx in advance
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Best way to get a really good deal is to phone up and cancel, make sure you get through to the cancellation department they are the ones that can offer you the best deals. What they offer depends on how 'valued' you are i.e how much you spend.

My housemate last year got on of the latest SE phones out 600 mins 1000 texts for £20 a month for 12 months. But normally they want you to pay £30 + to get a free good phone, but she was very highly 'valued'
diconnections department (they actually put you through to customer retention) and ask for your pak code, when they ask why, say you have not been given a good enough deal, tell them what phone you want, how much you want to pay or how many minutes/texts you want. Good luck
Do your research first. Look on other networks to see what offers are available. Pick a couple of the best ones and keep a note of them. Chances are, when you phone O2 you'll go to the upgrades dept first, and they won't offer anything spectacular. Mention a couple of the offers you've found from other providers, and see if they'll at least match it. If they won't (high chance) then ask to cancel your contract. Be firm with this, and they'll put you through to disconnections (aka retentions). You'll prob get someone on the phone aksing you a few questions, and hopefully they'll then offer you a better deal, comparable with the other offers you've found, or better. If they don't, just say you'll think about it and hang up. Give it a couple of days and then try again, it's amazing how different the offers are sometimes depending on who you speak to.

I did this last year, I was on a £35 12 month contract. I managed to upgrade to an N95 8GB, 600mins, 1000 texts and unlimited web for £20, although it was an 18 month contract.

Remember though, it's not guaranteed that you'll get a better offer, so be prepared for the pssibility of actually cancelling your contract and moving to another provider.
Thanx for the help everyone, Is it best to phone them asap or wait till nearer my contract ends ( next month, i can upgrade now tho as im in my last month)
does any1 know if the o2 shops can offer good deals atall what r better than on the net?
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