o2 versus Virgin pay as you go

    Can anyone tell me what the best prices are for o2 on Pay as you go?
    iv looked at all there tariffs and cant figure out one.

    Im thinking of changing from Virgin to o2

    on virgin i get:

    First 5 minutes of calls each day: 15p per minute
    Each minute after that: 5p per minute
    Text messages to Virgin Mobile phones 3p per message

    Text messages to other UK networks and BT landlines 10p per message
    Picture messages to all UK networks 30p per message

    can o2 beat this??

    thanks anyone :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


    Do you know how you usually use your phone.

    How many mins? Texts?

    Cos if you send 200 plus texts o2 will be better.
    Minutes wise both will be similar costs overall.

    Original Poster

    well me and the lass seem to text about 6-800 texts a month and use about 50-100 min of calls,

    thats each by the way lol ^^

    Well on o2 £15 top up each month will give you 500 free texts then £15 credit left over for additional calls and texts.

    10% back every 3 months too.

    Do virgin offer any free texts at all?

    Or you could get a sim only deal for £20 with 100 anytime mins 500 texts?

    o2 payg is 25p/min for first 3 mins then 5p/min for rest of day.

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    No not at all, the only thing Virgin offer is things called bundles:

    I would say o2 are better then :thumbsup:

    10% top up extra, and free calls to one number using smile offer too on o2.
    That plus o2 treats (freebies after being with them for 6 months) and the hundreds of free texts or 50-100 free min on £10+ a month top up make o2 pretty competitive.

    but, and i think its a big but, virgin customer service is great - is o2's? plus virgin often have free text's or cheap calls, i much prefer virgin, but saying that, we only spend about £20 every 5-6 months on ours - if we used more and could save money, i would reconsider - ah, also, if you have virgin media at home, you can get a sim and a free phone for around a tenna a month with free txt's and mins on with virgin, actually, you might not even have to be a virgin media customer - check it out!!!


    but, and i think its a big but, virgin customer service is great - is … but, and i think its a big but, virgin customer service is great - is o2's?

    [COLOR=black][FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]I'm on o2 PAYG and when my phone was stolen, o2 blocked the number, sent me a replacement sim for free and gave me £5 credit as a good will gesture. I'd called that amazing![/SIZE][/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]

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    at the moment Virgin are giving all its customers unlimited texts between 9 and 10 pm on fri nights.
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