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    Hi guys a quickie here...getting a phone, on identical contracts but tee'ing off between O2 or Orange? Whom should I opt for and why? Any previous experiences would be a bonus, many thanks.


    better mobiel reception for me with 02, but apart from that they're both good, i've never had a problem with either... see which one will give you the best deal when you call up and tell them that their rival offers better.

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    Prompt reply! Ta, I was thinking O2 as well purely based on reception quality.

    I use O2 and have had great service from them. You also benefit from access to one of the top rated broadband deals in the country and early access to O2 arena (aka millenium dome) concert tickets.

    only thing I know about Orange is they were on watchdog for having a very bad Broadband service.

    Check which one offers best reception in the area/s you're most likely to use the phone - there's still some big differences.

    I've never had reception problems on Orange but I know o2 have decent coverage too.

    Orange customer service is a bit of a joke by many accounts (never dealt with them over my sims before, just other people's). Don't think Orange have (m)any UK call centres now. How o2's compares is down to whoever else replies.

    Edit: As said above - £7.50/month home broadband (on Be's network - one of the best!) if you go with o2.

    o2 the best, been with o2 for the past 6 years

    Orange have got pwned in this thread.


    Orange reception ay my house is awful...o2 & T mobile reception much better

    Orange sucks! Poor CS and expensive tariffs.

    O2. I've never used them, but I've been with Orange, and it shouldn't require legal action to make a company correct a billing error.

    I was with orange for about 8 years previously. Bought found there customer loyalty to be very poor. They had really good deals for new customers, but when trying to get a good deal as an existing customer that was another story. o2 on the other hand were amazing. Should good customer loyalty and always had good deals.

    Another thing is orange always seem to be on of the last to get the latest phones. All latest phones seem to be released on other networks before orange!

    Hope that helps

    I am just about to leave Orange but only because I wanted a Blackberry Storm and the reception where I live 'a village' doesn't have great reception.

    I have had to use the CS a number of times with Orange and on the whole I have found them to be very good. There have been a couple of exceptions but armed with a bit of knowledge they soon get off their high horse and listen! By the way, am I the only on that has had to deal with Geordies with Orange?

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    Cheers people....O2 it is!

    o2 has much better reception, I'm moving away from Orange as I only get reception in one room of the house so if I was you I'd choose o2. Orange has some good points though, like orange wednesdays 2 for 1 cinema tickets and also your magic number which allows you to call a specific orange number for unlimted minutes outside of your contract minutes so if you mainly call a special someone on orange it could be better for you.


    Orange reception ay my house is awful...o2 & T mobile reception much … Orange reception ay my house is awful...o2 & T mobile reception much better

    The problem is everyone wants great reception but NO ONE wants a mast anywhere near them...

    O2 for def, got a wicked contract out of them and been with them since they became O2 and never had any problems.
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