O2 Website problems...

    Just thought id share my knowledge unless anyone else had a panic like i did :giggle:

    Bought the pink e900 yesterday morning.

    I havent been able to log in properly to view the order status, had to ring up last night to find out whats going on.
    It will let you log in, then when you go to track it it tells you theres an error.

    Apparantly there having technical difficulties, as the O2 fella on the phone logged into his personal account and got the same.

    I got no conformation email, no despatch email or anything! Then on the phone he said it could have been 3 days for delivery!
    So make sure you keep your conformation of order number handy when you purchase - fortunatly i print screened!

    My mind was put at ease when i rang up, luckily im already on 02 so only cost me 25p from my mobile - but still a pain, and i was on the phone for 40 minutes :w00t: While they tried to find the status of my phone!


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