oakley or anon ski goggles

    anyone know where to get a cheap pair of good quality goggles?

    dont really fancy paying top prices for a pair.

    checked on an auction site and i have a feeling they are all fake


    Not sure what part of the country you are in? But, in Swindon there is a shop in the outlet villiage that sell genuine Oakley (and other) ski goggles. If that's near you I would give them a try.

    I agree that there will be lots of fakes on ebay. You don't want to take any risks with your eyes.

    Original Poster

    cheers mate.

    What about sinner goggles, I've had the sun glasses and are very good for the price.
    Seen the goggles in TK Maxx for about £15

    Found these on Amazon

    2010 Rayzor Professional UV400 Black 2 In 1 Ski / SnowBoard Sunglasses / Goggles, With a Clear Yellow Anti-Glare Clarity Lens and a Detachable Elasticated Headband.
    £69.95 £13.99
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