Oasis in Cardiff tomorrow

Any other HUKD'ers going?
Really looking forward to it as I've never seen them live before. Being a Cov bloke it's a bit of a bonus seeing The Enemy on the same bill too!


Don't waste your time.

The fans are absolute animals as well, if Glasgow is anything to go by the last time they were here.


its not like seeing em anyway.....at these massive gigs

still went to manchester last sat tho:thumbsup:

best bit was at the end there were empty buses so a lad opened the fire exit and everyone filled the bus, the driver got on and went mental.....wouldnt leave.... he went n got the police who physically dragged evryone of us off the bus....:w00t:

you had to be there.....

They were at sunderland last night a few of my friends went standing and said there was urine being thrown all over even girls with skirts weeing in cups and throwing it into the crowd so they didnt have to go to loo, erghh im so glad i didnt go, it was called a sucess in the local paper only 12 arrests haha

hate oasis!
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