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Big Potato have released a free print and play version of one their most popular games, Obama Llama. Its a fun enough rhyming game and suitable for older kids (to get the references) upwards.

They've arranged so you don't have to print if you don't want to as should be visible on screens easily enough

We’re back with another free game!

Next up is Obama Llama - the rhyming charades game with the strange-sounding name.

If you haven’t played Obama Llama, then no drama. All you have to do is work out the celebrity rhyme that is being performed for you. Some are pretty surreal, like Jessica Biel wrestling an eel. Some are very dumb, like Heidi Klum has a green thumb.

It’s a lot of fun so here’s edition one. You can’t buy it in the store, it’s true, because we now sell edition two.

Anyway, rhyme away and have a wonderful day.

Team Tato x
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