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Found 4th Dec 2017Edited by:"ajm007"
I am looking for an decent obd2 reader that works well and also the software for it to work. Would like something reasonably cheap, preferably upto about £10 mark. Don't mind the Bluetooth type and software for my phone (android).

Just need to know what to look for.
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The cheapest ELM327 Bluetooth adaptor on bay is £3.27 from a Uk seller and then download Torque Lite app. If your feeling flush pay the full version that's got more features.
Thanks for that info. Is ELM327 a good one to go for? Prefer not to use eBay but will find it elsewhere. Is that a good app even for the free version or is there better free ones out there?
ELM327 is the general name for the bit of kit which interprets the faults stored in the car and allows them to be translated into language humans understand on something like the Torque app. They are for sale on Amazon for about the same price.
OK thanks, didn't know that. So pretty much most of these things are the same so anyone will do?
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