hi people , was considering buying this game does anyone have any opinions
    on it, it looks pretty good to me , my comp is pretty new so hopefullly powerfull enough for it, also can you play this online? thanks

    oh on the pc by the way !!


    Its a great game - but I and quite a few other people have had issues with the game crashing a lot - ive ended up not playing it for this reason. I know i don't have the most up to date system but it can run fine on high settings and low settings with same problem occurring regardless.

    I love Oblivion, but it's hard to return to from a long break. There's so much going on you forget what you were doing, even though there's a reasonably helpful automatic log book. The alternative option of starting fresh seems like a real chore too.

    I'm not fond of the decision that the enemies gain levels at the same time you do. I really enjoyed Morrowind because I built such a powerful character that could wreak havoc on the world, so that element is lost.

    In truth I barely followed the story and went off on my own adventure instead, so I suppose the game will never end
    It's a spectacular feeling when you first see the light of day and see a huge mountain in the distance. I think I'll climb that.... and off you go.

    I have just asked the OH and unfortunately you cannot play Oblivion online.
    However he loves the game and managed to play it on a fairly old pc,once it had been patched etc.

    He is looking forward to starting it all over again from the beginning on his upgraded beast with full bells and whistles,and it is available for about £18 so a good price.There is hours and hours of gameplay so you will get your moneys worth.
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