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Found 9th Sep 2010
This is a long shot I know, but I know how helpful (some!) people on HUKD are, so I thought I'd see if any of you nice peeps can help :-)

I have a couple of these 3kw O'blue pool heaters (both bought new off ebay) - model no. AC-90661E - and they BOTH leak when set up. And I don't mean a little leak. I mean a water-peaing-out-the-bottom-of-the-unit-as-fast-as-its-being-drawn-through leak. They are being set up correctly. I bought the second one as I thought the leak was because the first one was faulty, but I think it's obviously something to do with the heater itself as the second one (bought from a different supplier) has exactly the same problem.

The O'blue customer service numbers don't work, and I can't find any more contact numbers for them. Can anyone help?
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I employ professionals to look after my swimming pool so I can't help you I'm afraid.

I also employed someone to write this reply for me too.
I use the same heater for my pool and have no problems, is the leak coming from the hoses ? I use PTFE tape on the end of the heater then put the hoses over that
Lolz @ mc

The leak is coming from under the unit itself; the hoses are all secure with no leaks either side
01702 208195 ?
Have you tried their online "contact us" link here

Have you tried their online "contact us" link here

Lol....yes, first place I tried...got a very polite "f**k off and bother the retailler you purchased it from" reply from them.... None of the telephone numbers on the user manuals work any more - I live 10 miles away from the address of the service centre on the manuals, I would have driven there if they were still there :-) Thanks for the other number though, I'll try that tomorrow.
Any luck? Tried MSE?

01702 208195 ?

Tried this number, it's been changed to 0844 879 7218 which just has a recorded message saying "this line is now closed" and basically, if you need some support with the products to go back to the original website that I tried

What a nightmare this is turning out to be!!
Have you tried this number:-

01702 208195
Lol...DLM!!! Look at the reply above!!!

Lol...DLM!!! Look at the reply above!!!

That's the number on their website, woops!
01702 is Southend-On-Sea
Yes, I've been having a nightmare All their numbers are no longer in use, the only place I can get through to is by e-mail on the O'blue website - the original company I e-mailed telling me to get lost and take it back to the retailer... I just don't understand it

HiThanks for your mail.Unfortunately the manufacture has closed the help … HiThanks for your mail.Unfortunately the manufacture has closed the help line for this item.If you need to make a warranty claim we would recommend that you contact the retailer where this item was purchased.please accept our apologies and if you have any other questions please let us know?RegardsTicket Details===================Ticket ID: XCA-968676Department: O BLuePriority: HighStatus: Closed

What a load of cr*p this company are!!!

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