obstetric tens machine

    hi. I'm looking to buying a Tens machine for labour and so I'm wondering if there's anyone here who can advice on what's the best brand & model to Buy. I'd also appreciate if anyone could direct me to some good deals on at the moment. thanks.


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    They do not work don't waste you money take it from me I bought Elle TENS that is the best one for labour check on Amazon or go for second hand on eBay ,good luck but labor is the worst thing you can go through.

    282425913738 eBay 7 weeks hire

    I hired one. Made no difference at all to the pain but my baby was back to back which is supposed to be extra painful. Lot of money to spend on something which may not work for you. Would suggest renting not buying

    I really wouldn't waste you're money. I used one for labour with my 2nd child and in my opinion I didn't feel any benefit. You could maybe have a look at buying a used one or if a friend had one you could borrow if you're stuck on the idea.

    I'm not entirely sure if I'm remembering this correctly but I thought that you could hire one?

    I was given one to use by the MW led unit at hospital and found it was very good at helping with my back pains.

    I rented one from boots for my labour - was about £30. I had only the tens up to 7cm then gas & air for the rest. I thought it really helped doesn't take the pain away but it did provide some relief. I had it on a really low setting aswell, then gradually increased, there is a boost mode but I didn't use it as was managing ok, nice to know it was there though

    My wife used one for second baby, she got more relaxed when she used it on me! The hospital had one.

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    thanks for the responses evwryone. I'm looking to buy, not hire coz in the event I want to hire again , the cost of 2 hires is the same as purchasing one. also, hubby and I have a back problem so I'm sure it would still be useful to us after birth. our hospital doesn't provide one so if we want to use one then we have to hire or buy our own.
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