obtaining radio code.

    I have a renault scenic rx4 and dont know the code for the radio - is there a way to find it out for free? It is still working at the moment but need to charge the battery or replace it so will need the code. All help appreciated


    check all documents that u have first i found mine on an old MOT LOL if not i think u have to send it to be re-coded or u can do the whole dangerous always on power thing so as it doesnt froget

    Connect your cars battery connections to another cars battery with jump leads while you charge or change the battery in your own car, that way the power to your radio etc won't be interupted :-D

    look on ebay for a radio code programme

    Sorry for stating the obvious but should be in the user's handbook (if you have it) Im only saying because I went without music in the car for months until someone pointed it out to me :oops: Renault too

    My boyfriend just had to find his immobilisor code from Vauxhall and he got a full set, including radio code, for £25 so won't break the bank too much if you end up having to pay.
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