Ocado flash sale trick

Posted 10th Jun 2018
Not sure which category this belongs and whether anyone has posted this before but here goes...

I just placed and order with Ocado and anyone who orders from Ocado will know that on the last page before checkout you get flash offers with 50% off products. What I didnt know was that every time you clicked on an item and added it to the basket, a new item would show up. So I clicked on every item that was in the flash offer and added it to the basket, whether I wanted it or not, so that more flash offers would become available. Once id run out of offers I simply went back to my basket and removed the ones I didnt want.

Hope this is of use to someone!
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Hi @the.gooner thanks for posting, i've moved this over to misc
Not sure what I’m doing wrong but not working for me. Only have one set of offers.
Morrison use the same system
you can do it on there as well I think
Good to know. Thanks
Is this on the app or (desktop) browser ?
Doesn’t work for me on the app
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