Occasional 'Soap Opera Effect' on HDTV

Found 7th Jan
Every so often when watching TV via Sky Q, the screen will go into a 'soap opera effect' motion. Only for 5 - 15 seconds, then it goes back to normal.

It's a new TV - Philips 43PU6262 4K. I have it set to 'game mode' too.

Could it be to do with 1080i/1080p? Don't seem to get this when playing Xbox.

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SOE is usually when something like 'smooth/clear motion' is enabled and the tv is adding frames to give you a higher Hz, but Game mode should absolutely turn all that stuff off. I can only imagine it is coming out of Game mode for a few seconds and then going to normal or smooth motion for a few second and the difference is highly noticable.
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