Occasional use SIM's

    Hi all,

    I have a couple of mobile phones that are only used to receive calls, and then sometimes only once or twice a month. I've been using PAYG SIM's on EE and Vodafone and putting £10 credit on them at the start. However both companies keep killing the number after a couple of months :-( . Ideally I'd like to keep one on EE and the other on Vodafone and have no need of texts or data on them. Does anyone know what my best options are ?




    I know it's not payg but if your a BT customer you could get a pay monthly sim for a fiver a month and you won't have to remember to make a call every few months to keep them active. Other than that I think every network cut their payg sims after a period of inactivity.

    Need to confirm but i think ASDA have a payg sim that stays active as long as you use the phone once in a 6 month period.
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