Ocean plastic and Biodegradable - Beware of the fads

Posted 3rd Dec 2022
I wish both was what you'd think they are but as real progress is being made which I am happy for I am also really wish more people fully understand when they purchase things based on gimmicks

Ocean Plastic made
Its VERY expensive to actually pick up plastic from the ocean, I won't say the numbers because the documentary I watched about this was long ago and I encourage people to go research themself but in short.

All plastic within X Miles to a sea being collected is classified as Ocean plastic as they argue it would've made its way to land.

This will depend on the item as there is many types of materials that have diffrent factors but essentially to actually decompose the items need a very specific enviroment to do so, often in soil for example.

Things like wipes which go into a plastic bag with a nappy will not decompose and will be going where the rest of the rubbish goes.

I'm not against either of these as there progress but just be careful not to be suckered into things without knowing the full facts
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    Are you ok? Just the last couple of discussions are you having a rant?
    Did you know about both of the points?
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    Most eco stuff is corporate green washing. The biggest polluters (apart from oil, gas, coal and wood burning) are the big companies that make all the stuff we buy. They refuse to change and just keep churning out unless pointless stuff and using more and more plastic.

    Since the end of lock down we are now using more oil, petrol, diesel and gas than ever before. The oil companies are spending ever more looking for more and investing in plastic production plants.

    Unless government steps in and stops them (which they won't, as their in their pockets) were all basically doomed.

    Private companies run the world and governments now.
    Blackrock and Vanguard.
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    If people cared for their fellow men, women and children just as much as they care for the environment, this world would be a different place. I could say the same about football (sports in general), video games, movies etc.
    "care for the environment" IS about caring for your "fellow men, women and children"
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    Coke should use glass bottles again it tasted so much better out of glass. I no longer drink it because of plastic taste
    I saw a documentary about coke. They said something like, their not currently, getting rid of plastic bottles as people like them. Also it's not practical to have 1 litre plus sized glass bottles. They would be massive, heavy and costly to ship (for them) and more easily damaged.

    The documentary was panorama - Coca-Cola’s 100 Billion Bottle Problem

    Belive it or not. Many years ago, when coke only came in the original glass bottles. Coke used to collect the empties, wash them, and actually reuse them! They stopped doing it to save money!

    More great news, Coke have won again. COP27 Sponsor The Coca-Cola Company named worst plastic polluter for five years in a row according to 2022 Brand Audit.


    Unless these companies are somehow forced to change by some means, we're all just doomed. It's always about the money for them. They claim they care, but there still using loads of plastic. Things have only improved slightly and slowly. It could be done quicker. They don't want to increase their capital expenditure too much. Do it as slowly as possible, green wash, or just plain lie.

    When is enough money, enough for some people? When are they going to realise we live on the same planet, with limited finite resources that we all share. Once they pollut and poison everything. Their going to be as screwed as the rest of us, no matter how much money they have. Sealed in their underground bunkers.
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