Octopus energy how do you view your gas readings?

Posted 4th Jul 2022
hi this is my gas meter that octopus installed
3959134-y5gZI.jpgis that the gas reading? if yes how do I write that on the octopus website? if not how do I view the gas reading? I can't figure out how to do it because there's only 2 buttons. I need to submit my readings because I don't have a smart meter. I really appreciate everyone's help 🙏
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    That literally is a SMETS2 smart meter so Octopus can read it at leisure.
    However the reading is 00004
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    Bringbackrealdealsplease Author
    Basically I do have a smart reader but it only shows the electric however the gas is not showing it has been like this for months now and this SMETs2 is new and installed last week however it is still not showing up on my smart reader. Also does that mean I don't need to submit a reading even though it's not showing on my smart reader?
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    When I switched supplier with my SMETS2 meters the electric was showing on my in home display but not gas. It took months to get the reading on the display although my supplier was getting both readings from the get go.
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