Octopus Go for electric car

Posted 15th Jun
Does anyone use this and how have they found it overall in cost when using the cheap rate for electric car charging? the day rates are a bit more than my current supplier but I would have thought if charging overnight most nights it would be worth it.
Thanks, Richard
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I am in the middle of swapping to Octopus Agile (waiting for a smart meter install) and am currently on one of their fixed tariffs until the meter is installed.

When I did the comparisons this worked out far cheaper than Octopus Go for me particularly as I have an Ohme charger which can choose the cheapest half hour periods to charge and my car wouldn't be fully charged in the short cheap period.

Many reviews say that even though Agile has a higher cost between 4pm and 7pm the lower costs either side (and times when the rate goes negative - you get paid to use electric !) make the average cost about 10p per unit for all electric used not just for car charging.
Thanks, yes I think I will sign up with them on a standard and then switch over to agile or go when they can get a smart meter installed. Do you know if it has to be an octopus own smart meter as we have one from our previous supplier?

They also do a re ferral offer where £100 is split between an existing customer and a new customer
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