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Found 21st Sep 2017
hi all - I'm looking for a PC - pref desktop with GTS 1060 or 970 graphics card and i4590 or better CPU - any ideas / suggestions - pref delivered in London? seen some as above or better for about £550 on ebay... thanks in advance
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GTX 970s seem to be dropping to £150 second hand on ebay at the moment probably due to mining moving above 4GB. CPU is £90 off CEX with a year warranty. Memory DDR3 2x4GB about £45ish so it's only PSU, FAN, case and MOBO you really need.

I've seen a lot of cheap Dell Optiplex and HP ProDesk PCs on ebay but I'm pretty sure they use weird psu configs so it might backfire buying one of those.

Should be able to do it in your budget with decent kit.
Thank you! Makes a lot of sense; been offered a pre build with i4690k 12gb ram and 3gb 1060 gfx for £540 delivered
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