Oculus Quest: Out of stock everywhere in UK?

Posted 31st Dec 2019
Has anyone spotted Oculus Quest 64GB anywhere? They seem to be completely sold out on Amazon, Argos, Currys etc.

Very unusual that they seem to be totally out of stock everywhere in UK.
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Saifh78631/12/2019 11:43


says pre-order
tempt31/12/2019 11:49

says pre-order

6th jan, don’t see anything else mate
EBAY !!!
Saifh78631/12/2019 11:52

EBAY !!!

lol.....a couple of listings for £799, not biting at that price
@tempt not related to the discussion but good choice of profile pic
128gb an option?
Ok just tried one of these today - great fun! Before we buy have a few questions. Quest is better than Rift right? There seems to be 128 or 64 choice (though both seem pretty difficult to come by) - what do you lose if you go for 64 - do some games not play?
Also is there any ability to "game share" between different goggle - like game sharing between x boxes within a household?
Thanks .
Rift is suppose to be better than quest. Cause of all the hardware and stuff like that. But the reason why a lot of ppl like quest more is because you don’t need to connect to a computer, no need to set up extra cameras and there’s no wires.
The difference between the 128 and 64 is only on the memory size. Which means if you are going to download many many games and/or you play heavy games (ones like those that needs something powerful to load the graphics) then you should probably consider 128. If you only play a handful of games and they are not too demanding then 64 should be good enough.
I don’t think the quest have any sharing feature you mentioned yet... I think you can only play the games on the oculus store.
I’m trying to get one as well... I can only find it in stock on the oculus official website, but they can only dispatch it on the 21st of Jan. sooooooo ya. Hope this helps!
Current in stock John Lewis online 64 and 128gb
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