Oculus Quest - take the plunge?

Posted 30th Nov
I’m debating buying an Oculus Quest, I’m unsure whether to go for a 64GB or if I’ll really need 128GB.

My other dilemma is do I just buy it, instead of waiting around for a deal?

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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Got mine last week, 64gb will do you just fine I reckon, games are small in size, the upcoming "big" title Arizona Sunshine is only 1.3gb, .. I can't see the system been any cheaper now, at least buying it now you will get the star wars Vader Immortal games for free... . I'm enjoying mine at the mo, just wish the better games were a bit cheaper... if you do buy it, I recommend Thrill Of The Fight , for the price it's the best value game on the store, and it will give you a good workout! Oh headset can get a bit uncomfortable after a hour, I've ordered a silicone cover to see if it will help..
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