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Posted 14th Oct 2020
So with the lack of any deals for the Quest at the moment I have decided to put together a little spreadsheet showing information on all the current & "coming soon" titles for the Quest (and Quest 2). The original idea behind this was to see how low the price on titles have been, so i could see if a new sale price was a good a deal as it had previously been, but that has expanded to show other information now too.

The spreadsheet shows the following information...

  • Title (obviously!)
  • Price
  • Cheapest price it has been
  • How that price came around (e.g. summer sale, Daily deal or Cross-Buy)
  • If the title is "Cross-Buy" (something I get asked a lot)
  • When the title was last on sale (to give us some idea of when it is likely to go on sale again?)
  • Release date (similar to above)
  • File size (handy for those that went with the 64GB version headsets)
  • Brief Description/Genre
  • Link to the store page
  • Link to the Dev page

I still have a few fields to fill in (links to store and Dev pages, file sizes etc.), but that shouldn't take too long.

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know and I will correct them and likewise, if you can think of something handy that I have missed off the spreadsheet, let me know and I will see if I can add it on.

And yes, this is a very geeky thing to do!

Anyway, here is the link to the spreadsheet (in Google Docs)...


UPDATE (13/11/2020)

Quick tidy up and addition of extra info...

Now that a few Q1 (Original Quest) owners own a Q2, I have added a column that shows if a title can be multiplayed by multiple headsets on the same account. (e.g. Arizona Sunshine allows multiplayer horde and co-op story play on 2+ headsets on the same account).

Being the nice guy I am ( ) I have given my friend my Q1 to play on during "Lockdown V2.0", we will slowly make our way through the titles I own and note if they are multiplayable using the same account
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