Odd question: how to rationalise supporting sports teams?

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This question has been bugging me slightly.

Say you support a team for football / basketball / F1 / what's the best way to rationalise supporting them? (e.g. in time spent watching them, emotional energy, etc). Context being regardless of the time you spent watching it - and it doesn't necessarily affect the outcome. Naturally - sometimes you just won't like the result; so how does one justify keeping the hobbies - instead of say, just watching the highlights / gradually disconnect from it? (e.g. maybe a sense of belonging which is more valuable?)

Ssuppose you don't do any betting, then you do not gain financially even if they win, the visible downside risk would be being annoyed until they next win; and if you team always win, then you're probably perceived as a "glory hunter". Sorry for the weird question - just thought some HUKD members might have a good system for rationalising/coping with carrying on with supporting a team, when it's tempted to drop it as a past time.
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The are at least two things here you are confusing. 1. the enjoyment of sport and 2. the supporting of a team within a sport.

For me No. 1 comes first. I can watch football and enjoy for what it is and it doesn't need to be my team. I see the players for what they are the is no conflict of loyalty.
It's No.2 where people get things wrong, that's when loyalty comes in. This is a sense of belonging built up over years of scarifying time and money and often getting nothing back in return. Perhaps the closest similar feeling is meeting someone who you went to school with years later. You both share that experience and may show a loyalty to the school itself but together you have shared those years.
I run a football group on Facebook with 10,000 members and this often comes up as a question. I often reply that people should now look at footballers as they do actors on a screen. You go to see the film, your only concern about the actors is if they might give you a better experience or a better chance that the film will be worth watch to you. Actors have no loyalty to the types of films you like and footballer have no loyalty to your club.
As for you, you have to defend yourself from being exploited, you need to asked what you want from the experience of watching your team. After 50 years I faced this myself recently, I want to see my team having a good win or lose I don't want to see them sitting back and hoping for a point. Now, I'm not daft, this needs to be done within reason as some clubs you don't expect to get much chance of beating but in general teams should set out to win. In my case when a certain manager was appointed I went in to hibernation, I wasn't interested at all. Almost 3 years later and we have a new manager, I'm capable of being interested again.

I would say if you are not enjoying it, then don't be a mug. Give it up and try to do something else. If it's football go to your local non-league games it might just have what you've been missing.
Methinks you are thinking too much...

I see it in black and white:

Like sport/the team/enjoy it? Answer: Watch it.

Don't like? Answer: Don't.

It doesn't have to be justified or explained either way.

Easy for me though, I would never watch any sport as it is of no interest to me.
I went through this same epiphany a few years ago, after years of diligently following a particular football team, I realised (as a result of some of the owners' actions) that they actually meant nothing to me, nor I to them. The romantic notions of belonging that had been sustaining me vanished. A switch just flipped, and I suddenly felt no connection whatsoever.

I am now a true football neutral, and it makes everything about football many, many times more enjoyable, not least the delusions and craziness of the other fans of my former team.

(Ironically, the decades where I supported a team were pretty lean and frustrating for the team, but since I stopped, they've been very successful... What's the opposite of a glory hunter?)
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