'Ode To Merton'

    Was meant to post this a few weeks ago since i know you all loved Chatroulette so much. Some of you more than others...

    Will put the videos in first post


    Master of the Misk, numptyj posted these a while ago

    So funny though

    Original Poster


    Master of the Misk, numptyj posted these a while agoSo funny though

    i thought someone would've. i DID search beforehand though!

    I think hes brilliant

    Original Poster


    I did last week too I did last week too

    Great response you got.....:whistling:

    I have put the original aswell though

    It's probably best if people just drop numptyj a PM before posting anything. Will save the Misk filling up with dupes. He can get one of his team on it and you should get a prompt reply. :-D
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