Odeon Cinema Tickets

So, booking tickets to watch Finding Dory on Saturday. ~£20 on Odeon website, apparently £9.95 for two codes on eBay.. is there any reason not to go for the ones from eBay? Anyone know how the codes work?


I cant see a reason not to but thanks for the heads up buying them on ebay, I never thought of that and you just saved me paying full price tomorrow! thanks

there are various work sites that allow the purchasing of codes for the different cinemas, so guess there are ways of people getting the codes and selling them on. mind you wouldn't be buying from someone who has only has 3 feedback though you should be able to get paypal to refund as long as codes are covered by the guarantee

Just purchased from the seller vijay4s, codes sent straight away and I've just booked suicide squad for tomorrow and had email confirmation from odeon.

watch out my odeon u have got to use bank card in machine then tickets get printed

Cheers op, I never thought of eBay for odeon either, just for 4 for £14

Worth checking the deals section on the Odeons website
They have a family of 4 for £25 for 2 adult tickets, 2 kids tickets, 2 drinks, 1 popcorn and 2 kids mixes (popcorn, drink, snack and toy).
Though I had a good deal with the 5 tickets for £20 last month then looked on the official offers and was shocked.


Cheers op, I never thought of eBay for odeon either, just for 4 for £14


I am in shock at the prices on ebay compared to booking direct
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