Odeon kids snack + drink deal

Found 15th Mar 2009
I am planning a kids party for my 10 year old son, he wants to go to the cinema. I was wondering if the Odeon do a 'deal' on food and drink for kids (popcorn/sweets and a drink or similar) and if so how much? I want to suss out how much I am likely to be spending before commmitting to it!
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why not take your own sweets, popcorn and drinks then go for macdonald or something like that this is what we always did when mine was younger always worked out cheaper
you get small bag of popcorn small drink small packet of sweets and some kind of kids small book whatever they are doing at the time its £2.95 but my sis says if you tell them when buying the tickets at the counter for the kids that u are going to buy this deal they give you a ticket where you can get the deal for £2 each
Thanks! thats very helpful. I am tempted to buy my own sweets etc but it will be so much easier to do it all there. £2 each doesn't sound too bad.
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