Odeon ticket prices- What's yours like?

Found 27th Jul 2011
I hadn't realised that Odeon ticket prices varied so much between similar cinemas in different locations.Someone asked about prices in another thread and I posted the link
(See following post for clickable link)
I must say I was gobsmacked to find such a difference in prices between the cinemas.
For example a peak adult and a child ticket at Birmingham costs £6.70 & £5.00 whereas in Telford they cost £8.40 & £6.55.In one, Lincoln, a peak adult ticket costs £9.00 !
If you scroll down to cinemas you can find your local cinema and select tickets and pricing.
Who's got the cheapest and the dearest?
Do you think its justified or a ripoff ?
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£9.20 for 2d £11.20 for 3d! and I live right next door to odeon so no cineworld near me I remember the days when it was priced well for everyone but not anymore! I can see why more and more people pirate films now!
I think this goes without saying. Do you think all fitness first gyms charge the same price? It's justified.be sensible about this. Rent/overheads in one place are not the same as another. Also consider that all branches vary in size and facilities. How much do you think it costs in Greenwich, London (which is a large one with the gallery) and Leicester Square, London. It shouldn't be taken for granted that just because they are one company, prices should stick. We all know products in tesco express cost more than a superstore, right?
Download O2 Moments and get 50% off Odeon prices, then go the most expensive one and it will feel like your going the cheapest one
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